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Switchgear Testing Services

Switchgear need to come with maximum reliability. Testing of switchgear is very critical as it can effectively prolong equipment life, prevent unscheduled outages and ensure human safety. We recommend timely assessment using SwitchCARE®, to reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability.

Switchgear must provide the highest level of reliability. Switchgear testing services is very important because it can effectively extend equipment life, prevent unplanned outages and ensure human safety. We recommend timely testing with SwitchCARE® to reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability of breakers, CTs, PTs, surge arrestors, etc.


Switchgear Condition and Reliability Evaluation Program

SwitchCARE® is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure merging our knowledge from testing MV and HV switchgear with all relevant IEEE, CIGRE and ISO standards.

Why choose SwitchCARE®

SwitchCARE® can predict any electrical fault condition in AIS and GIS switchgear well in advance.
Safe operational period for switchgear is specified

Incipient defects are identified, along with an assessment of their severity

Corrective actions are recommended and can be planned in advance
All tests and results are in accordance with relevant standards

SwitchCARE® can detect all
possible failure modes in switchgear like

On-Line SwitchCARE®

Internal PD

Surface PD

Hot Spots


Off-Line SwitchCARE®

Internal PD

Surface PD





Key technologies used in SwitchCARE®

On-Line SwitchCARE®


TEV-Based PD Analysis

AE-Based PD Analysis

UHF-Based PD Analysis

Thermal Imaging

Off-Line SwitchCARE®


Coupling Capacitor-Based PD Analysis

Tan Delta And Capacitance Analysis

What is the process of deploying SwitchCARE®?

What is the process of
deploying SwitchCARE®?

SwitchCARE® Level I is performed. This will determine the assets with potential degradation.

SwitchCARE® Level III is performed on critical switchgear and on those switchgears where PD is confirmed from Level II but show no visible signs of degradation.

SwitchCARE® Level II is performed on those switchgears that show high values from Level I (to separate PD from noise)

SwitchCARE® Level I is repeated based on the safe operational period specified

The SwitchCARE® program is still evolving and we’re constantly
striving to find solutions for existing challenges.