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Generator Testing Services for Improved Reliability

Your generator is the backbone of your plant’s operations, and we know just how critical it is to keep it running smoothly. That’s why we’ve developed our GenCARE assessment, which uses the latest technologies to detect any potential issues with your generator before they become major problems.

Our highly trained engineers use advanced techniques such as partial discharge, tan delta, PDCA, ELCID, NFT, and others to detect any incipient defects well in advance. This allows you to schedule maintenance more effectively, reduce the risk of unexpected downtime, and save you money on unnecessary time-based overhauls.


Generator Condition and Reliability Evaluation Program

GenCARE is our comprehensive diagnostic procedure merging our experience from testing 1,050+ generators and overhauling 300+ generators (up to 300 MW) with all relevant CIGRE, IEC, IEEE & ISO standards.

Why choose GenCARE?

GenCARE can predict practically any electrical or mechanical fault well in advance. It offers several USPs like
Safe operational period for a generator is specified
Incipient defects are identified, along with an assessment of their severity
Corrective actions are recommended and can be planned in advance
Healthy generators are identified so that unnecessary overhauls are avoided
All tests and results are in accordance with relevant standards
Residual life can be estimated when GenCARE is used in combination with generator history and operational data

GenCARE can detect all
possible failure modes in generators like

Level I GenCARE

Overall insulation aging

Localized insulation faults

Interturn degradation

Loose connections

Moisture ingress



Rotor winding faults

Mechanical defects


Moisture ingress


Overall insulation aging

Localized insulation faults

Interturn degradation


Loose coils

Stator core degradation

Lack of mechanical bracing in overhang

Internal physical damage

Key technologies used in GenCARE

Assembled Condition


Partial Discharge Analysis

Tan Delta And Capacitance Analysis

Polarization-Depolarization Current Analysis

Surge Comparison Test

Repetitive Surge Oscillograph Test

Vibration Analysis


Disassembled Condition


Visual Inspection


Natural Frequency Test

Wedge Deflection Test

Full Flux Loop Test

Corona Probe Test

Coil Contact Resistance Test

What is the process of deploying GenCARE?

Vibration Analysis is performed during routine operations

GenCARE Level I is performed during a planned outage

GenCARE Level I is repeated based on the safe operational period specified

If generator is in disassembled condition, the following are performed:

Visual Inspection, ELCID, NFT and WDT tests

Flux Loop Test if ELCID results are abnormal

Corona Probe Test if PD and/or PDCA results are poor