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On-Site Overhauls and Repairs

On-Site Overhaul Services

Our certified technicians undertake complete on-site overhauls and repairs of large motors and generators up to 300 MW and of transformers up to 15 MVA. These include steam and gas-powered generators, induction motors, synchronous motors and DC motors. Our service highlights include

Turnkey work; from de-coupling to commissioning

Complete dismantling, inspection, cleaning, heating, varnishing and testing

All testing instruments, meteorological tools and material handling equipment available

Specialized equipment available for retaining ring removal, slip-ring replacement, purge test, wedge deflection mapping, etc.

On-Site Repair Services

Carrying out complex repairs of generators on site is a largely routine task for us. With decades of on-site experience, we have worked on some prestigious cases such as

Fault location and re-insulation of 248 MVA generator rotor (Nuclear Power Corporation, Tarapur) - interturn short

Ground fault location and repair of 68 MW generator rotor (GSECL Dhuvaran)

Ground fault location and repair of 34 MW generator rotor (ONGC Petro Additions)

Fault location and repair of 108 MW generator rotor (MSEB, Uran) - open circuit

Overhang repair of 60 MW generator rotor (MSEB, Uran) - high vibration due to damaged spacers

Revamping of 4000 HP, 80 RPM DC motor (Jindal, Vasind) - zero insulation value