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Cable Testing

DIATECH is your trusted partner in cable testing and assessment services. Our online and offline testing and monitoring solutions adhere to international standards to deliver reliable and superior results. Various cable tests are carried out to identify probable failures before they cause severe outages.


Cable Condition and Reliability Evaluation Program

CableCARE® is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure merging our knowledge from testing 5,000+ cables of up to 220 kV with all relevant IEC, IEEE and ISO standards.

Why choose CableCARE®

CableCARE® can assess LV, MV, HV and EHV cables and predict practically any incipient fault well in advance. It offers USPs like
Safe operational period for a cable is specified
Incipient defects are identified, along with an assessment of their severity
The exact location of the defect can be identified
Corrective actions are recommended
All tests and results are non-destructive and in accordance with relevant IEC, IEEE & ANSI standards

When combined with history and operational data, the residual life can be estimated

CableCARE® can detect all
possible failure modes in cables like

On-Line CableCARE®

Joint defects

Termination defects

Electrical treeing


Estimation of incipient defect’s location

Off-Line CableCARE®

Joint defects

Water treeing

Electrical treeing

Moisture intrusion

Surface contamination



Mechanical damage


Chemical degradation

Thermal degradation

Sheath damage

Conductor defects

Precise identification of defect’s location

Key technologies used in CableCARE®

On-Line CableCARE®

HFCT Based PD Analysis

FMC Based PD Analysis

Off-Line CableCARE®


VLF/DAC PD Analysis

VLF/DAC Tan Delta Analysis

Line Impedance Resonance Analysis (LIRA)

Sheath Test


VLF Monitored Hi-pot Test

Dielectric Frequency Response Analysis

Cable Life Estimation

What is the process of deploying CableCARE®?

On-Line CableCARE® is performed during routine operations

Off-Line CableCARE® Level I is performed during a planned outage. LIRA® should be used for cables with joints only

DFRA test (part of CableCARE® Level II) is performed if tan delta values are high and PD is not detected

Monitored VLF Hi-Pot Test (part of CableCARE® Level II) is performed if tan delta values are high and/or PD is detected but its location is not identifiable

On-Line CableCARE® and Off-Line CableCARE® Level I are repeated based on the safe operational period specified